Dirty Hands, Clean Truck?

When it comes down to it, few of us like doing the boring jobs like cleaning the house, or cleaning the truck even… But… Do you have to get your hands dirty to get your truck clean? Well, yes, if you are going to undertake the job yourself. No, if you’re going to employ the services of someone else to do it for you.

At home or away? Numerous companies operate mobile and on-site steam clean services for commercial and leisure vehicles. And these firms are often happy to offer contracts for full fleet maintenance. The sorts of vehicles that this would apply to can be anything from light goods vans to cargo transporters. Such companies usually offer MOT checks, Washing, full truck and van valet services for business and private use-vehicles. In addition, you may be able to rent equipment such as steam cleaners, and purchase products specifically formulated to get rid of traffic film and road dirt/grime. Mobile servicing vehicles are fully kitted out with all the necessary cleaning detergents, their own power supplies and power equipment. There are a lot of companies that exclusively focus on truck cleaning, valet services and detailing, and some of these even operate mobile services whereby your vehicle is cleaned on site. This proves very useful for those who are entering competitions or attending trucking events. The truck still needs to look first-class and no amount of pre-planning or careful cleaning can avoid the effects of road dirt on a vehicle. It just happens.

Your options for getting your truck gleaming are varied. But there’ll be a service that suits you, no question. General truck washing can be undertaken in-situ or at designated service stations – costs for a benchmark clean vary depending on the size of the vehicle and the level of service required – obviously the full-works, washing through to waxing will come in at a higher price than general cleanbrowse around these guys. Likewise truck detailing is classified differently – with this sort of service even tiny chinks in paint and bodywork are attended to, as well as the inside of the vehicle. Somewhat more than a mere suds on a sponge treatment. Full valeting can cost anything between $120.00 -$150.00, but these prices differ from area to area.

Cleanliness is just about cleanliness. There’s a safety aspect too and it’s worth remembering that drivers of commercial vehicles or the owner companies are obliged to maintain the cleanliness of their vehicles not only for the sake of the company image but for health and safety regulations too. It’s imperative to keep licence plates and other readable information free of dirt in order that it is clearly discernible to other drivers. If you are an ecologically minded trucker, there is a strong sway toward organic cleaning solutions which some ‘green’ companies now use with the planet’s well-being in mind.

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